Liberation From Crisis

When we experience a crisis, it becomes hard for us to solve even the simplest problems. Our spirit gets dark and the willingness to live a happy and productive life disappears.

Rebound Liberation From Crisis provides an inspiring set of personal stories complemented by proven techniques and principles that incite you to rediscover and redefine your goals and priorities. Rebound is not about reclaiming the old; it is about taking the unusual opportunity that crisis provides to make positive changes through self reflection and empowerment.

This book is full of tools, proven techniques and principles, which can help rebound you into a balanced, creative and prosperous life. Together these tools can guide you to develop a positive outlook for a future full of accomplishments and enjoyment, and to rediscover and redefine your goals and priorities. These easy-to-use practices and principles will fit directly within multiple areas of your daily life, bringing strength, balance, harmony, sense of purpose and clarity into your body, mind and spirit, and ultimately giving you the ability to solve and deal with the obstacles you face each and every day.

Welcome to Rebound.

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